At Unique Luxury Brands we source and sell passion assets for an extensive global network of private clients.


Unique Luxury Brands sources and sells passion assets for an extensive global network of discerning private clients. Our team of internationally respected advisors and consultants specialise in  master artworks; super-prime real estate; exceptional classic and sports cars and prestigious high-end timepieces;.  

Renowned for our unparalleled privacy, discretion, and integrity, we fulfil exclusive, off-market commissions for family offices,wealth managers, collectors, connoisseurs and enthusiasts.  

Founded in London in 2012 by a team of leading industry experts with more than 20 years of experience in the bespoke luxury market, Unique Luxury Brands is now the trusted home of passion asset investment, offering unique services for unique people. 

To provide our clients with all their necessary international legal and financial requirements, we partner with Maybridge, a highly respected consultancy to family offices and wealth management firms worldwide and Hannaford Turner LLP, the award-winning London law firm.